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Before you start to set up your radio, you ought to read the installation directions in the guide well. Pay special attention to the recommended tool. Because if you've already started with the setup and then decides an important specific tool is lacking, that's more than bothersome.

autoradio tippsMost errors when installing a new radio are created when assigning the wires. You should pay particular attention to the live cables. Mostly the dwell cables are red and black. Red is the positive rod, it leads from the battery into the car radio. Black, on the other hand, is that the negative pole, it's returned by the radio. But beware! Sometimes the negative pole cable is also brown or blue!

For your new car radio to operate correctly, you need to change the pin assignment. To do this, replace the pins 4 using pin 7 to the ISO power plug. To switch from the old 150 ohm antenna inputsignal, also called DIN, to some 50 ohm ISO antenna connection, you need a suitable adapter, such as this one for example.

If everything works perfectly, you can install the car radio entirely. If this isn't true, there is most likely a incorrect wiring. If you want to read more on Autoradio und Lautsprecher Einbauhilfe stop by our web site. Insert the cables and test again. Tip: It is best to program a radio station. If that is no longer saved when you turn the radio off and on, probably something is wrong with the pin assignment. If the car radio is in the ideal location, attach the cover or the framework of the new car radio. Already it is possible to listen to your favorite songs as you desire.

If the old car radio is broken or outdated, it's worthwhile to put in a new device. We reveal you with this handy suggestion step by step, how to do it. This must be considered when installing or changing a car stereo. Aux, USB and Bluetooth - that the music sources are a lot of today. Great you can usually replace the auto radio relatively easily. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind. We show you which ones really are.

For some radios this is achieved via the antenna output. One speaks then of an active exit. In the event the radio doesn't have it (so it is"passive"), then you may even use a specific adapter plug in here. But, then the radio reception is weaker. If you look after those things beforehand, everything will probably be a lot easier to do later.

To get the radio from the slot, Autoradio und Lautsprecher Einbauhilfe you need particular release hooks. These are usually included. If you don't have suitable pins on hand, it is also possible to request a workshop to give you the specific terminals for a brief time. To unlock the radio, slide the pins and right into the slots / holes provided.
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